Standing at the Crossroads

As the American legend goes, Bluesman Robert Johnson sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for his musical talents, but where on Earth is the famous crossroads? No one knows for sure, but one can get close.

The most likely area would be the source of the blues in 1920s America, Dockery Plantation. Dockery Plantation's owner allowed employees at his mill to play guitars imported from Mexico during breaks. Among the first crop of musicians: Henry SloanWillie Brown, Tommy Johnson, and Eddie "Son" House, and later Howlin’ Wolf and Robert Johnson.

The plantation was located along the Sunflower River on what is now MS Highway 8 between Cleveland, and Ruleville.   The attached picture shows one of a few crossroads along that stretch of highway, and is very likely to have been a road Johnson would have traveled.


If your journey leads you to search for the infamous crossroads, be sure not to miss the Mississippi Blues Trail that notes markers along the route from deep in the Delta region all the way up to Memphis, TN.

If traveling by air, Memphis will afford you the most travel options, as it is the largest city in this region. See also our tips for traveling to and around Memphis on your music tour.