Not Everyone Scowles at the Crying Baby on Board

A mom recently wrote to me and had this to say:

All the other passengers were so happy to see a wee one, I don't think our son could have done anyone wrong they were all so happy!

Caribbean Picks

A reader writes:

I thought I would draw on your wisdom for recommendations in the Caribbean for a family holiday. We're open to all options and have never been anywhere in the Caribbean. We are after a hotel/resort with a pool, nice beach and one/two bedroom suites so we all have some space. We have a nearly 3 year old and an infant. Basically we want somewhere to relax for a week and spend some time together in the sun and there are so many hotels/islands it is a bit overwhelming! We're looking at going in May sometime. Thanks so much.


Happy to help! Keep in mid- you will need a passport for ALL children- infants too, since its out of the US. However, you do not need an infant passport if you stay w/in the US & territories: i.e. US Virgin Island, and Puerto Rico.

Atlantis in the Bahamas has an infant/child program. No charge for babies, crib, or high chair. Be sure to ask for your "Atlantis Baby" kit: it contains an assortment of J&J baby products, plus a storybook for bedtime.

The Disney Cruise Line
can be your best friend, with new ships/routes being added each year for the next few years.

Beaches Resorts
opened a new property in Turks & Caicos in January of this year. So far, the guest feedback is great. Beaches is exclusive t families. You actually must have children in order to visit this property.
Club Med has a family package & a family resort in the Dominican Republic & Mexico too.

TRAVEL TIP: Flying with Baby

Carry our baby in a holder (like an Ergo, or Baby Bjorn). Strapping him in will make it easy on you to go through security and on the plane, etc.

Keep in mind though, some airports may make you take the baby out of the carrier to go through the ex-ray machine, but others will let you just walk through.

TRAVEL TIP: Flying with Baby

The Bottom Line to flying with baby is this: Try not to stress too much - if you stress and worry, the baby will sense this, and often follow suit.

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