I Wanna Be a Rockstar: Renting a Celebrity Home

So you would like to see what its like to live like a rockstar. Then what would you say if I told you that you (yes, you) could stay in the home of a bonafide world-class musician? Well, now you can... for a price, of course. 
More and more celebrities of all types are renting out their vacation homes when they are aren't being used, and that goes for celebrities of the musical variety too. Here are a few to consider for your next getaway. 

Mick Jagger's home in Mustique has been for rent since the rock star purchased it in 2006. Price upon request. You might even run into Mick's neighbor, Davud Bowie who has a home (not for rent) there.

For a mere $51,000 per night you can sleep at Sir Richard Branson's  Necker Island. In case you didn't know, Sir Richard started Virgin Records. And Virgin Air. And Virgin Mobile. And the forthcoming  Virgin Galactic. Anyway, you'll have 74 acres, a full staff and room for 27 of your best friends. And if you have no friends, surely renting this abode will get you some.

If Branson's Necker Island is too much to bear, try Keith Richard's pad in nearby Turks & Caicos. This beachfront number will cost you a "reasonable" $8107 per night. By comparison, that's chump change.

Meanwhile, Eric Clapton is offering his Standfast Point home for rent in Antigua. This one is my personal favorite. Rates (at the time of this post) went for $50,000 per week. Details on this estate can be found here.

2157a.jpgPrefer your music stars to be in the country world? Then try Randy Travis' two Hawaiian estates. His larger Lahaina Estate, will run you $1250 per night, while the more modest digs will cost $450. Both properties are on Maui. 

And that's how they roll.