Don't Forget the Motor City

Detroit means Motown, baby!!!! You get it, right? “Mo(tor) Town. As in Henry Ford. You’d be surprised who doesn’t realize that. Anyway, any music lover absolutely must see The Motor City at least once. The MoTown sound started here, but the city is also home to lots of Gospel (and its Hall of Fame). And let’s not forget KISS wrote their classic Detroit Rock City for this town too.
More recently, Detroit is the birthplace of techno. In the late 1980s, artists Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson and Juan Atkins created this electronic sound. Seems fitting for a place so rife with engineering. Here are a few tips to get you about on your trip through Detroit.
Your first stop must be- has to be the Motown Museum. Period. 

Next, consider seeing the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. Did you know it was here? Well, it is.
And don’t think about missing one of my favorite museums anywhere (and I live in Washington DC- home of the Smithsonian): the Henry Ford Museum. This private collection offers a lot for the music enthusiast. You’re likely to spot a revolutionary war drum (like the one in the famous portrait to the right). Other collections include some of Edison’s earliest recording devices, which would later record and immortalize music. At one point, the museum also hosted over a dozen cars belonging to rock starts (i.e. John Lennon, and Elvis Presley). Be sure to call the museum to see if these music items (and others) are on display.
Suggested Stays:
The Motorcity Casino.
The Leiland Hotel (home to the City Club- the city’s Industrial Music nightclub.