I'm Goin' to Jackson

Photo in the Public Domain
The song "Jackson," made famous by Johnny Cash & June Carter never says whether or not they are  referring to Jackson, Mississippi or Jackson, Tennessee, but ask anyone from Mississippi, and they'll claim the song as their own. Why? Because Jackson, MS also calls itself the Birthplace of America's Music, and they certainly have a right to claim it too. Dozens of musicians were born in Mississippi, many of whom got their musical start in Jackson. Today, live music can be heard throughout the city. Top venues include Martins, WC Dons, and Hal & Mal's. Gospel, Country, Blue, Rock: they all have a foundation in Mississippi, and as Jackson is the largest city in the state (and the state capitol), you're sure to find some here.

You'll also find the Mississippi Music Hall of Fame. Admission is free, and the museum itself is located inside the Jackson International Airport.If your plans don't lead you in this direction, or you need to skip the airport, the Hall of Fame's website is a wealth of information, and they offer a Mississippi Blues Map in their online store.

Following is a list of musicians (of varying genres) born in the state of Mississippi, according to the Mississippi Music Hall of Fame. 

Elvis Presley (Tupelo), Glen Ballard (Natchez), Jimmy Buffett (Pascagoula), Ike Turner (Clarksdale)< Jerry Lee Lewis (Nesbit), Mary Wilson (Greenwood), Robert Johnson (Hazlehurst), B. B. King (Itta Bena), Muddy Waters (Rolling Fork), Howlin Wolf (White Station), Tommy Johnson  (Terry), Honey Boy Edwards (Shaw), Faith Hill (Star), Charley Pride (Sledge), Conway Twitty - Friars Point, Tammy Wynette - Tremont, Mose Allison (Tippo), Cassandra Wilson (Jackson), Lance, Bass (Laurel/Clinton), Sam Cooke (Clarksdale), Bo Diddley (McComb), John Lee Hooker (Clarksdale), Junior Parker (Clarksdale).