Need to convert cash while on the go? Many international ATMs take Visa or MC (France, Italy, Australia, etc.) so you can get cash no problem. They may charge you for the conversion, of course, but its competitive to bank exchange charges.

Make sure you call your CC co. before you leave to inform them so they don’t put a STOP PAYMENT on your card (may companies do this for your protection).

Also- if your going to try memorizing the local language…make sure you know the words for “help” or police” or “Speak English.”

Tips From Readers: Lara

Lara writes:

I'm a first time Mum with an eight week old baby girl. Next week we're
planning on making our first proper trip and I'd love some advice on
how to make it go smoothly. We are flying up to Toronto to visit her
grandparents and I'm pretty nervous about the trip. Any top tips on
how to negotiate airports and planes with a baby would be very
gratefully received.

Hi Lara!
You came to the right place. Here on my site, you'll find lots of TRAVEL TIPS to make your trip easy. Simply use the SEARCH BAR, and type in "TRAVEL TIP: Flying with a Baby" and all of my advice should pop up.

Happy travels!

- Kris
The Ramblin' Mom