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What a sweet "plug" form this Travel Gear fan from abroad via his own travel blog blog! Muchas gracias, mi amigo! Check it out here.

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I Thought it was Funny.

The following entry originally appeared on my personal website.

January, 2002.

Maybe it was the 18 hour trip from San Francisco to Toyko that is responsible for my crew not appreciating my joke. When we arrived in Toyko, all the signs were in Japanese (duh!) Well, despite the obvious, someone in the crowd has to point this out, and that makes sense- it is decidedly jarring at first.

The thing is- no one got my joke when I said "hey look- they translated the digital clock into English." [enter sound of crickets cherping]. I mean come on people! That IS good comedy!

Truth is, I think we were all tired, so either (A) its wasn't as funny as I thought (but I still think its pretty clever) or (B) these guys actually thought I was serious for a second.