Hi folks!
I’ve been hired by The Travel Channel as the host of the new series devoted to gear and products as they relate to the travel industry! Yep- I’m going to be the resident expert in all things TRAVEL GEAR! Expect to see me diving out of airplanes, trying out the latest SCUBA equipment, and reviewing the newest GPS and other gizmos! Oh- And we’ll be bring you to come pretty cool locations too from coast to coast.

Unfortunately, since I’m now under exclusive contract with Discovery (Travel Channel is part of this family) I’ll be take a hiatus from this blog. But never fear techies! I will be the very first blogger for any Discovery network! Finally, I’ll be posting a bit more about the show at a later date. Until then- have gear will travel!

The US Dollar in South Africa

The following entry originally appeared on my personal website.

Wow! I have never seen an exchange rate like this for a westernized country. Last night I stayed back at the hotel while our crew went out to shoot some nightlife here in Capetown, but unfortunately, yours truly came down with something.

I ordered room service: chicken soup, 7-UP, orange juice, and just to make me feel a wee bit better, a slice of cheese cake (hey- allow me some comfort food, okay?) Anyway, the grand total? A whopping $7!!! Yes, that's right... SEVEN U.S. DOLLARS! And yes, it was a fantastic meal! I only wished I ordered more.

PS I ave the folks a nice tip, as evidenced by the man's reaction. Evidently a good gratuity (which by the way is NOT customary here) is a big deal here.

Capetown is my kind of town

The following entry originally appeared on my personal website.

What an amazing city this is! The only regret? Never came here before. The flight was indeed long, and I highly recommend anyone takes a lay-over if at all possible. Ours was in London, where my crew and I were about to walk around, have a meal and stretch our legs.

We are flying Delta, and they have just begun regular service here, working with South African Airlines.

Ramblin' Girl

ram·ble (rmbl) intr.v. ram·bled, ram·bling:

To move about casually; to wander on foot.
To speak or write at length and with many digressions.

Welcome to my first blog entry. The above definition sums up what you'll find when it comes to travel: Stream-of-consciousness posts from the road and at home, tips and suggestions for your next journey, and discussions on what to see... and what to avoid.

Travel has always been a big part of my life and in the past few years, a big part of my job. I've learned a lot in that time and now it's time to give back... so bring on The Ramble!