I've been thinking about that trip I made to France a couple of years ago. I was there to cover some events in the Southern coast for TechTV. Nice and Canne to be exact.

Its true what they say: Nice is nice!

Stayed at the Negresco- the hotel The Beatles used while they were here in the 60s. The place probably hasn't been renovated since that time, and you know what- that was OK. It added to the charm of the pale. The ambiance was not meant to be terribly contemporary. Plus- we were right across the street from the beach. I could see Monaco from my room.

The money rates were good, as was the food, naturally. For kicks we had sushi one night. Yes, French sushi. Sounds funny until you think about the wine that was paired with it.

The Quiet Side of Maui

A single little word says it all. Hana. If you've been, you know the magic this little village offers. If you do not, might I suggest a road trip when you are on the island of Maui, Hawaii.

A warning though: the many jokes and chuckles about getting ill on the "road to Hana" are all that ... and then some. This winding road is not for the weak: if the sheer drop-off just feet from your passenger seat doesn't take your breath then the car sickness just might. I suspect there is an ancient Hawaiian god who is responsible for making "haoles*" sick. Nevertheless, if you can stomach it, the entire event is worth it.

Hana is tucked away on the far side of Maui. It can take most of the day to get there. You'll find nothing more than a tiny store, a church, a few small homes and the Hotel Hana (which is more like a nice motel than a hotel) ... AND THAT VIEW.

Deals are best in the winter and spring. Get on the hotels mailing list and book directly through them for the best deals.