TRAVEL TIP: When Good Weather Goes Bad

Even a seasoned travel pro like myself can have an off holiday. Here’s an example of how to make a vacation that seems doomed become one of the best trips you’ve ever had.
My husband and I were finally on our honeymoon. It had taken over a year to make our schedules and plan work. We were going to New Zealand! He’d always wanted to go- I’d been and absolutely loved it there.
I planned everything- swimming with dolphins in the wild (none of that trained-dolphin stuff for me!), we were going kayaking at night by tiki torch; each day was doing some amazing outdoor thingy. Then the weather struck. New Zealand is green for a reason after all! Each day it rained. Hard. It was enough to bum out anyone. As it turned out, it was the best thing that could have happened. Here’s what we did.

We chucked the entire schedule, hopped in our rented car and started driving. When we came to a town that looked cute, we went looking for a lodge or B&B. As it turned out, some of those B&Bs had patrons coming… the next day, so if we were willing to be out by such-n-such a time, the proprietors would give us a deal. Double win!

Next, we spent more time going to local museums, and enjoying more than one ‘cuppa’ local tea, and local foods. My only regret is that by chucking said plans, my darling hubby never got to see the amazing caves and the glow worms that call them home, on the south island- the one “in-door” (technically, it’s not outdoors!)

In the end, we went to places literally off the beaten path. In fact, we drove on a number of dirt roads. We met some locals we’ll not soon forget too. And we witnessed the most beautiful rainbow ever! (this photo doesn’t do it justice.  As for the glow worms- well, we’ll have to check them out the next time.
So remember, if your weather turns sour* make the most of it.

*of course if its hazardous weather, such as a typhoon (in the far Pacific), or hurricane (in the Atlantic), that’s a different story. Be sure to check with your local travel agent, or hotel on cancellations, and evacuation plans. I’ll post more on this subject at a later date.