Travel Hot-Spot: Costa Rica

If you're like me you like to be a step ahead of the pack when it comes to travel destinations. There's no cooler feeling that saying "oh I was there in 1999" when all of the travel magazines are suddenly touting the latest hot-spot. 

Enter Costa Rica. This beautiful country in Central America has been off the travel world's radar for years simply because it had the misfortune of being a neighbor to some countries that the United States had issues with like (i.e. Nicaragua).

Well I am happy to say Costa Rica has managed to become a darling of the travel industry in recently years! And why not? The weather is great (except for monsoon season), the people couldn't be lovelier, and the dollar currently goes a long way (I was able to have an excellent 3 course meal, plus wine, or beer for less than $10, Amercian).

My trip there was amazing. I have visited each coast, but personally find the west coast to be more enchanting (and less populated). I recommend Punta Leona. The food is wonderful- especially the local exotic fruit. My not-to-miss list continues below.

If you go:
  • Try the local fruit (starfruit my favorite. Mui yummy! Ate it every day)
  • Visit the volcano area Arenal and enjoy the hotsprings that surround it 
  • If you are a meat eater- try a steak. I had the best steak of my life there. 
  • Have an adventure (mine was "canopying" over the forest)
  • Feed the gigantic crocodiles that live in the rivers along the highway (if you dare!)  
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