Tips from Readers: Isabelle

Here's a great tip from reader, Isabelle:

I found it helpful to be prepared for extended wait times due to possible flight delays etc. I brought a thin (easy and small for folding) yet large enough blanket
when I traveled with my twin infants so they would have a clean space to roll around on, play, get some tummy time in and stretch their legs instead of the nasty airport carpeting. I also requested to board last so we had the maximum freedom before the
restrictions of a plane seat...the other way around may be more comfortable for others who may wish to get on first to get settled...either way, airport staff are very willing to accomodate [sic] your needs. I even had the pilot carry one of my babies to baggage claim...he volunteered! I do support, also, a previous poster who wrote of the importance of having a binky or a bottle ready for take-off and landing as it will help the baby's ears resist the pressure...I found a bottle worked better than a binky as it also soothed the tummy with milk. As soon as the plane begins the fast part of the taxi give your baby the binky/bottle and all should be fine :-)