A Quiet Moment Alone in Tokyo

Recalling a favorite trip:

Winter 2002. It was morning in Tokyo and I was still jet-lagged. My crew and I had come to capture the sights and sounds of the city. They gave us 4 days, so you can imagine, we covered only the tiniest little bit of the big picture!

So there I was, wide awake just as the sun came up. When I went to pull the curtains back, I was shocked to see a beautiful snow cover over Toyko. I grabbed my things and made a dart for the temple I saw in the distance.

Upon arrival, I found the temple in a beautiful park. As I sat there, Tokyo business people and students hurried on their way on foot or by bicycle, as what I guessed were European businessmen as jet-lagged as I was, enjoying the park for all its beauty.

What struck me was the quiet in this bustling city teaming with people. Only the aforementioned people making any noise as they walked along the pathway.

A giant Japanese crow- the kind you've heard about- landed on the bench just beside me. I can tell you they are indeed HUGE- bigger than you would think. I sat there as he flew away, listening to the monks chant in the temple behind me. A peak experience for sure.