PPPSSTT! Here's the BEST European secret.

I've been seeing more and more buzz about Montenegro. This is near and dear to my heart, friends. You see, yours truly is a full-blooded Montenegrin. Well, I'm all-American, but my ancestry is Montenegrin anyway.

I'm torn about this entry, because part of me wants to spread the word about this beautiful little country, but another part of me simply wants to keep it to myself.

Ah heck- I'll fill you, my good friends, on favorite secret get away, right? OK- here's the word:

Montenegro. The "Jewel of the Adriatic." From swimming in its blue grottoes, to climbing its highest peaks, Montenegro has something for everyone. Known as the Riviera of the Adriatic, this picturesque country was at the epicenter of the Christian Crusades, and to this day has some of the best Byzantine art still intact in church walls. Sipping local spirits on the beach, one can imagine Venetian pirate ships just off shore. Spain, Italy, Ireland, The Middle East the Moors- they all had an influence in this postage sized land.